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At Veqto scaffolding, we are proud to carry a complete line of scaffold tools, safety equipment and scaffold accessories which are of the highest quality and guaranteed to last. From tool belts and tool frogs/tool holders to spanners, wrenches, levels, podger/toffee/system hammers, measuring tapes, and safety-related items such as safety cards, glove clips, and lanyards, we have it all.

Scaffolding Tools

Special scaffolding tools have become a must-have for every contractor, ensuring safety is at the forefront of any work done, due to the obstacles and risks associated with any construction work done at height. There are a variety of scaffold-friendly tools to suit every project, so whether you're fixing a bridge, cleaning a building facade, or rebuilding a roof, make sure you and your workers stay safe.

Scaffolding Tools & Spanners

Scaffolding tools and spanners are essential since scaffolding may be quite dangerous if not built properly, which is why it is critical to have the proper scaffolding equipment and accessories.

Scaffolding Health and Safety Equipment

We have equipped you with the most up-to-date construction site safety equipment, including danger lights, safety gloves, and hard hats, as well as warning tape, to assure your safety while working.

Why would I need a specialized scaffold tool?

Anyone who has ever worked at a height understands that the biggest risk of using any instrument is that it will slip from your grasp and fall to the earth - whether one or eight floors below. Not only does this endanger the equipment, which is often expensive, but it also endangers other workers and passers-by. Public liability insurance protects you from harming people by accident, but whatever insurance you have will be voided if you don't utilize properly secured equipment. Making sure you're using the right tool for the job protects you and others around you from unnecessary injuries - and gives you more confidence in your work

What kinds of tools are available?

From basic construction tools like saws, spanners, hammers, and spirit levels to more complexes scaffolding gear, there's something for everyone. Hand-held power tools are also available, and scaffold-designed painting equipment has been introduced to accommodate for interior work at height. Power tools are usually cordless, and belt hooks are provided to keep them tight when not in use. A scaffold would likely require harnesses and cables of varying lengths to accommodate various goods; their own safety harness; carabineers; frogs for smaller hand gadgets; and a work belt to store accessories such as tape measures, in addition to the equipment themselves. Every tool has a built-in hook to which you can attach a harness or lanyard, and the other end of the cord secures to your work belt, ensuring that even if you drop something, it will only fall as far as the cord allows. When utilizing such equipment, pay close attention to how the scaffolding tools are connected to the safety lanyard. This is frequently done with split rings, karabiners, or frogs; however, if the object shows indications of wear and tear, it should be secured with alternative means until a replacement is acquired.


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